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Step into the creative crucible..

When people work with me as a consultant, they often don’t have time to engage in a longer term coaching relationship.

They hire me because they need new ideas, solutions or strategies quickly, to further their creative ambitions in their business or career.

 Nick’s creative consultancy has provided valuable guidance in helping chart new horizons at key points in my career. His enthusiasm and passion for your story are simply infectious, instilling belief and ensuring lasting success.

Chris Levine, Artist.

How I work.

I remain respectful of your ideas, and yet, won’t hold back with my opinion about what needs to be done to develop them further.

If you don’t yet have any ideas, I help you clarify the presenting problem, and the desired outcome.

I then work closely with you in a series of intensive creative discovery sessions, to generate a series of ‘prototype’ solutions.

We select the most likely to succeed, and begin to roadmap how to execute its’ implementation.

Step into the creative crucible for 30 minutes, in my free no-obligation, sample session.

Contact me ow on 0208 123 1089, or 07787 778317, or email via the contact page to arrange a free sample coaching session.


Here’s what my clients have to say:

Senior Coaches

Nick helps me relax and open up my full creativity with the way that he listens and then stimulates a whole new way of seeing in my mind.  It’s hard to describe the paradox that he is.  I find that what I’m creating feels more solid and at the same time less pressured.  My work feels easy plus deepened.  I live in a world of constant challenge and high standards.  Nick helps me to relax and yet produce the highest quality results.  I recommend his services to anyone who functions in a creative capacity.   L.A. Reding, MCC Stepping It UP Coaching.


Brand Development

Thank you for your work helping us to develop CTI’s new brand. We couldn’t have transformed the brand without your time, energy and faith in the process. It was a pleasure working with you.   John Turner, director, Digital Flannel

Business strategy  

Over an 18 month period, Nick’s consultancy totally transformed our sales and marketing strategy, resulting in a year on year 40% rise in sales. His ability to create results across a vast range of channels from online and print marketing, to conferences and media relations, is phenomenal – all delivered with indefatigable enthusiasm, and an ability to maintain strong working relationships with all of our team.  Martyn Lowesmith, MD CTI UK, 2004-2009