Fulfill your dream to be a writer..

You have  great ideas, want to write, but don’t know where to start..    or

Maybe, you know where to start, you’re just unsure how to navigate the process of writing and publishing your book, blog, magazine column, or report…    or

Perhaps you’re an established writer who’s lost their mojo, and recognises a need for peer support to break the writers block..

Blue Sky Thinking Writer Mentoring.  

Blue Sky thinking Writer Mentoring is different from my work as an idea and words coach, in two key ways.

Firstly your book or writing project will be the sole objective of our working relationship.

The focus of our interaction will continue to be held in a coach like way: meeting you where you are from session to session; creating a clear vision of how you want your work to impact the world and your life; and recognizing your process as a crucible of discovery to inform both your writing project and your evolution as a writer.

However, in addition to that, my service as an editor will also be included as part of the agreed price.  Depending on the scope of the project, I will be available between sessions to edit* your work, whether that be a publishers proposal, or chapter by chapter of a book.

You also get heaps of compassion and genuine enthusiasm, drawn from my own experience as a self published, and, published writer (non fiction and fiction) ensuring you find the optimal pathway to success which suits your project and aspirations.

I can’t thank Nick Kettles enough for his assistance and support in the writing of “Preventing Good People From Doing Bad Things” which was published by ApressMedia in 2011.  His editorial eye was invaluable to me in identifying areas that became too “tech-jargony” and help me humanize a rather difficult subject for the average business reader.  Under extremely tight deadlines we were able to take a very complex technical subject and transform the subject matter into something that has proven to be a critical success and for select business audiences a “must read.”  -

Brian Anderson, CMO, BeyondTrust & Author of “Preventing Good People From Doing Bad Things

Contact me now for a free appraisal on +44(0)208 123 1089, or skype: newmythcreate, or email nick (at) newmythcreate.com .

A full confidential appraisal of your work, free of charge. 

Each writing project is different.

Some people are planning a 120,000 word historical tome, others a 60 page, easy-to-read e-book.  As is each writer.  Some already have experience in having their work published, others have not.  Therefore providing specific pricing without knowing what you have in mind, is neither easy or practical.

That’s why I offer a 30 minute free, fully confidential appraisal of your project by phone.  During that time, I will assess how we can work together, how much time is required, and, what it will cost.  You’ll also get my insight about how you can take it further.  No obligations.  Contact me now on +44(0)208 123 1089, or skype: newmythcreate, or email nick (at) newmythcreate.com .

“In the past 12 months, Nick has been my editor coach, walking the path of writing a book right by my side. He helped me to envision how to begin to organize my ideas, and then how to arrange and rearrange my writing into an order of chapters that made sense. He also helped me to fine tune certain phrases and ideas to make them crystal clear, sometimes as much for myself as for potential readers! Nick sees clearly, and edits respectfully, with large dollops of love and encouragement. I can recommend him without hesitation as you decide to embark on your own journey of writing that book that is on your heart that must be written. With Nick’s help, I feel confident in saying that you can do it!”              

Sue Gleeson, author of Healing Soul Misery: Finding the Pathway Home.

The importance of NDA and IP.

Your ideas are important.

And to ensure their integrity I am happy to provide  a non-disclosure agreement identifying you as the sole author of what you create or develop while working with me, and that it will remain private until the time is right to release it to the world.

 *The focus of our editing service is the development of your work, not the fine sub-editing of punctuation or grammar – a process which ideally comes at the end of writing, and for which are happy to recommend a suitable professional.