Meet Nick

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The ‘about me’ section is where I go too.  I think it’s fair enough to say, OK, nice vision, nice design (sometimes) now who are you, and where have you been?

For those of you who want the bottom line: here it is. (For those of you curious about how I arrived at this point, scroll down for the longer profile.)

While I’m big on blue sky thinking, I don’t get lost in the clouds.

My Goal for you: You singing your purpose, pitch perfect.

How I help you get there: I help you catalyse the words, ideas and passion which most clearly align with your purpose. I then help translate that inspiration into tangible forms: purpose statements; blogs, columns, web copy, e-books, books, reports, seminar design, audio, and video – whatever it is you need to further your creative and professional dreams.

The importance of NDA and IP.

Your ideas are important.  And to ensure their integrity I am happy to provide  a non-disclosure agreement identifying you as the sole author of what you create or develop while working with me, and that it will remain private until the time is right to release it to the world.

How Can We Work Together?

However you decide to work with me, you get me, and my deep commitment to your transformation.  However over time it’s become clear people like to engage me in one of the following three ways.


Here I help you find the words and ideas which clearly express your purpose, and then identify how you want to communicate that to the world. Click here to find out more.


Here you hire me directly to help develop your ideas and projects.  You get 100% of the creativity and enthusiasm which created thisClick here to find out more.

Writer mentor

Here I act as coach to help nurture your book, article, blog, report, speech, or seminar design from seed idea to publication, but I keep my editors ear wide open, and actively point out the mistakes you’re making and pitfalls to avoid.  Click here to find out more.

How to contact me.

Email is best: nick (at)  Or request contact (with a message) via Skype: Newmythcreate

Here’s the longer profile..

From an honors degree in journalism (92) and a job at The Times Newspaper (93), to a successful career as a integrated breathwork therapist (94-99) and back again to journalism and creative consultancy (99-05), my career has been marked by a deepening realisation that my twin passions – storytelling and the quest for Self realization – are in fact intertwined.

I’ve realized that the quest for Self realization, ultimately leads us to connect with the Source of life deep inside us, and that storytelling is a fundamental tool in identifying and articulating the heart felt desires we find there.

I became a householder monk in a Vedic order (04-06), to verify this for myself, via 1000’s of hours meditation!

Enter Co-Active Coaching circa 06. 

With the unique emphasis on the being and doing of human life, and the rich over arching narrative, which inspires the transformation of both poles, I found the perfect balance of my two passions, in Co-active coaching.

I realised that through Co-Active Coaching I could draw on my meditation practice to witness your quest for Self Realisation, while also drawing on my editorial experience as a writer, to help you find the words and ideas which most clearly expresses your heart’s desire.

I completed my training with The Coaches Training Institute, in 08 (Intermediate Coach Training) 09 (Ten Month Co-Active Leadership program) and 10 (Coach Certification).  I hold the CPCC qualification, which is recognised by the ICF, the leading coaching accrediting body.

Today I believe powerfully that our choices are not always mutually exclusive, and that they can be aligned into one core purpose which sings..

I still love to write (I’ve just had my first book, a parable for children, The All-Seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness published by Snow Lion), walk in the mountains with my beloved Priya, listen to music (presently Mumford and Sons, AwolNation, Bat for Lashes, Gorrillaz) and play the latest Days of Wonder board games with our daughters.

I’m passionate about my spiritual practice – I meditate daily, and perform a Vedic fire ceremony twice a month in our garden – and, as importantly, I delight in hearing about other people’s path to peace.


The Times, The Observer, The Independent, The Ecologist, Wired, BBC Radio and Resurgence, and corporate clients including Bosch, Microsoft, Canon, HP, and Arup Engineering

You can check out some of my work here.

MA in Radio and Television Scriptwriting.  Which resulted in me throwing our TV out – ask my why when we first talk together.


The view of the French Pyrenees, from my office window.

This is where my life partner, Priya our two Amazonian daughters, and many animals, with the elements,  keep my heart light, mind open to possibility and feet firmly on the ground.