Has the ability to express clearly who you are, and what you do, become a stumbling block?

You can find the words and ideas which chime with your purpose – so everything you say rings true..

As a solopreneur or change maker working for a better world, it’s likely being authentic is important to you. 

You’re searching for more alignment between your heart felt purpose and the words you use when talking with your clients, and other stakeholders. 

Or maybe you already have some of that figured out, you just haven’t yet identified, the best way to broadcast your message.  Should you start a blog, write an e-book, create a Youtube video, design a webinar, or switch off your internet connection all together to start work on your magnus opus?

Blue Sky Thinking could be a fit if . . .

  • You realise it’s not your marketing strategy that needs tweaking (again) it’s the words and core ideas which need reinvigorating.
  • You’ve been searching for that creative AHA moment, and yet its remained elusive.
  • You appreciate the values which inform the idea ‘It does exactly what it says on the tin
  • You want your business communications to honestly inspire others not just excite them with more hype.

I believe that can find your unique voice, and the words and ideas with which to express it..

  • Discover the core idea(s) underpinning your heart felt purpose in life.
  • Creating alignment between your life purpose and business objectives.
  • Develop relevant business communications which authentically expresses who you are, and the impact you desire to have on the world.

Hi, I’m Nick Kettles, director of Blue Sky Thinking Coaching and Consultancy.   

I’ve been providing creative inspiration for people engaged in creating a more conscious world, for almost 15 years now. 

Even when I was a journalist writing for newspapers like The Observer, Independent, and London Times, I ended up helping the people I interviewed.  It’s easier now I’m a coach. It’s a more honest vocation for someone who wants to champion the potential in others.

 “When people would ask me what my business is about, I’d have a hard time putting it into words. Nick has helped me find words for the central idea that makes it all fall into place, and now I relish every opportunity to talk about my work. It feels congruent with what I’m all about, and that’s important to me.”  Steve Alexander, Nowtalking Consultancy.

So why the Blue Sky? Because it’s clear and expansive – like the creative space we’ll create together.   Blue Sky because like the Blue Sky, we keep things simple and don’t get lost in the clouds. 

My Goal for you: You singing your purpose, pitch perfect.    How I help you get there: I help you catalyse the words, ideas and passion which most clearly align with your purpose. I then help translate that inspiration into tangible forms: purpose  statements; blogs, columns, web copy, e-books, books, reports, seminar design, audio, and video – whatever it is you need to further your creative and professional dreams.

How Can We Work Together?   I work as coach, consultant and mentor to writers.  The best way to find out which is the right fit for you, is to get in touch and take advantage of my free, 30 minute introductory session.   No obligation, and full confidentiality assured.   Call me on +44 (0) 208 123 1089, or +44 (0)7787 778317, or if you really prefer to make an appointment first, email me: nick (at)newmythcreate.com or request contact (with a message) via Skype: Newmythcreate 

I look forward to hearing from you.  


























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