BBC Radio 4

The Landfill Designers, presented by John Thackara, produced by Nick Kettles and Jo Meek of All Out Productions.

Resurgence Magazine

Resurgence Hunger For Meaning, January 2010

Courier International

Courrier International Les People Se Drouguent Les Foret Se Meurent  October 2009

The Ecologist

The Ecologist Shark Finning News Investigation, 2011

The Ecologist Curiosity Base Learning Dec 2009

The Ecologist Inner Revolution, July 2009.

The Ecologist Recreational Drugs and the Environment, May 2009.

The Ecologist: Sustainable Schools, March 2009

The Ecologist: Education. Robotic Children; Why schools must encourage creativity.  September 2008

The Ecologist:  Planned Obsolescence. Designing For Destruction.  July 2008.

The Ecologist: Dental Amalgam, A nasty taste in our mouths. May 2008

The Ecologist: Animal Conservation, Bestia non grata? March 2008

The Ecologist: Acoustic Ecology, Listen To The Raindrops, April 2006

The Independent

The Independent: My Killer Dinner May 2007

The Independent: Antidoting the Desire Economy April 2004

The Independent: Collecting Record Covers December 2004

The Observer

The Observer: Don’t Think It’s Worth Complaining? September 2005

The Observer: When Inner Calm Can Equal Outer Wealth June 2004

The Observer: Lend Me Your Mobile For a Cup of Coffee April 2004

The Observer: Conflict Diamonds, Blood Still Stains Symbols of Love, September 2003

The Times

The Times – Birth: do try this at home.

The Idler

The Idler: Giving Up TV, Winter 2006



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Arup Engineering Design Yearbook 2007 (pages 20, 23, 28, 40, 50, 54)

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