Catalyse the words and ideas which chime with your purpose.

Discover the power of coaching to express clearly, who you are and what you do..

Whether you are seeking new life direction, or a solopreneur in search of a new vision, I can help you communicate your unique contribution with greater clarity and verve.

Of course there are an infinite number of ways in which your passion can be communicated, and yet only the clearest words and ideas will resonate in a way which makes a lasting connection with others.

Whatever your career or life direction, this is by far the most important thing you need to do, to stand out from the crowd with more impact and distinction.

“Your impact on me was to call me forth into my magnificence. You did not let me settle for a modest account of myself at all. You called me to be authentic and were not prepared to let me be less than I am. Thank you – I feel so empowered now to go out and speak my voice about education and young people!!

Susan Moss, CPCC, PCC.”

Contact me now on 0208 123 1089, or 07787 778317, or email via the contact page to arrange a free sample coaching session.

Co-Active Coaching 

With the unique emphasis on the being and doing of human life, and the search for the rich over arching narrative which inspires the transformation of both poles, Co-active coaching has quickly established itself as one of the most effective personal and professional development tools available today.

I completed my Co-Active Coach training with The Coaches Training Institute, in 2008 (Intermediate Co-Active Coach Training) 2009 (Ten Month Co-Active Leadership program) and 2010 (6 Month Co-Active Coach Certification).  I hold the CPCC qualification, which is recognised by the ICF, the leading coaching accrediting body.

This coupled with 20 years of editorial experience helps my clients to capture the words and ideas which articulate their dreams, then translate them into tangible forms to further their professional objectives.

“Through Nick’s masterful coaching, I have secured contracts with two Fortune 100 companies. He has a unique talent in helping me articulate my passion in a way that always has me leaving my sessions buzzing with ideas, momentum and excitement. He helps me formulate the language I need to articulate and express my purpose in a compelling and deeply meaningful way. Nick is like no other coach I’ve met. I feel he is completely committed to my success and constantly raises the bar. My sessions with Nick are always fun, enlightening, motivating, nurturing and challenging me to be my best.

Sukhy Bains, CPCC, Sukhy Bains Associates.

How Can We Work Together?

Typically, my clients work with me over a longer period of time, between 6 – 12 months, sometimes longer.  However, the journey together always begins with an open ended 3 month commitment, and before we get to that, at the very least a 30 minute sample session to connect and establish how we can work together.

If you have a specific project, building a website, a blog or magazine column, developing a seminar, or a business plan, for which you need creative coaching support, I am happy to work with you over a shorter period of time, or until the project is fulfilled.

Call me now +44 (0)208 123 1089, or +44 (0)7787 778317, or email via the contact page to arrange your free sample coaching session.

Are you a writer or want to write?

If you are already a writer, or want to write; whether your book is fiction or non fiction; destined for publication or self publication; a seed idea, or already in the planning stage, my mentoring service can help.  As a writer mentor, I act both as coach to help nurture your project but also as an editor to actively point out the mistakes you’re making and pitfalls to avoid.  Click here to find out more.

I can’t thank Nick Kettles enough for his assistance and support in the writing of “Preventing Good People From Doing Bad Things” which was published by ApressMedia in 2011.  His editorial eye was invaluable to me in identifying areas that became too “tech-jargony” and help me humanize a rather difficult subject for the average business reader.  Under extremely tight deadlines we were able to take a very complex technical subject and transform the subject matter into something that has proven to be a critical success and for select business audiences a “must read.”  -

Brian Anderson, CMO, BeyondTrust & Author of “Preventing Good People From Doing Bad Things


The importance of NDA and IP.

Your ideas are important.

And to ensure their integrity I am happy to provide  a non-disclosure agreement identifying you as the sole author of what you create or develop while working with me, and that it will remain private until the time is right to release it to the world.

Contact me now on +44 (0)208 123 1089, or +44 (0)7787 778317, or email nick(at), to arrange a free sample coaching session.